Inspired by Bohemian Paradise

The exclusive structure of the Yakobium sandstone sculptures is inspired by Bohemian Paradise in the Czech Republic and its unique rock formations. If you’ve ever been enchanted by a beautiful sandstone rock structure and always wanted to own one, let us know.

Handcrafted to Perfection

Every single Yakobium sculpture is an original crafted piece of art. Created by a unique technological process including sculpting and application of a wide range of finishes.

Our story


Two friends and college classmates, Jiri Andel and Pete Isev founded Yakobium as an art and design studio in 2017. Based on Jiri’s 2012 project “Shape One” — a light object made entirely from sandstone — the studio started to work on its first range of designs inspired by the natural rock formations of Bohemian Paradise in the Czech Republic. Hard work, craftsmanship, and dedication paid off, and Yakobium soon revealed the world’s first sculptured sandstone light objects. Later on, followed by award-winning sandstone bow-tie. Yakobium merges innovative technology, science, and art to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Every single product is original and is currently available for purchase through and partners.

Jiri Andel

Jiri is an artist and creative designer. He graduated from UTB Zlin with a degree in industrial design. He worked in a multinational glass company and was involved in the design and prototype production of numerous projects for clients in the automotive, arts and entertainment industries. Since his teenage years, he has been engaged in Czech graffiti. At Yakobium, Jiri is focusing on the creative direction, product design and technology.

Pete Isev

Pete is an artist and designer. He graduated from UTB Zlin with a degree in graphic design and has also studied graphic design and multimedia at the School Of Visual Arts in Sydney, Australia. For most of his career he has been producing and designing for print and web. He has also designed products and packaging. In his spare time, he flirts with painting. At Yakobium, Pete is focused on business development and product design.


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